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  Shenzhen ad decoration company - Shenzhen Baoan District Shajing Xin Universal Advertising now registered "Shenzhen Hongxin Advertising Decoration Co., Ltd.", was established in 2008, after the continuous development and expansion of time, is now open a number of branches, Xin Universal Advertising sincerely thank every old and new customer support and trust! We will work harder in the future, to provide you with more attentive service. OUR new large HD indoor and outdoor photo machines, EPSON large format color printers, wide screen, EPSON boundless color printers, large format engineering machines and scanners, with the spray! A large number of A3 color printing copier, a high-speed A3 black and white speed printing machine Taiwan, black and white A4 print copier more than one, A3 automatic plastic installed 2, A3 automatic Cutter 2, A3 Manual Cutter 1 Taiwan, A4 manual cutter more than one machine, hoops, apron binding machine 1, a business card machine, a peritoneal machine, over plastic machine Taiwan, indentation machines, beer machine Taiwan, a butterfly perfect machine 1 Taiwan and some other equipped with machinery and equipment, can be done as done, legislation and other desirable! High-quality low-price, large favorably, for the new and old customer service, please call to discuss
We can produce different materials according to customer needs, the type of advertising signs. There are ordinary angle iron printing cloth signs; there are high-grade aluminum plate paint sign, more LED light signs and so on. Fine workmanship, Paul security period to ensure quality.
Our services are: integrity management, free design, well-made, installation firm, the price of public, excellent service! Warmly welcome your advice! With nearly 10 years experience in advertising decoration, affordable, fast, good quality Excellent service!
Printing categories: business cards, color pages, documents, rewrites, notes, menus, recipes, leaflets, stickers, slogans, bookbinding, hardcover book, plastic, non-binding, Hardcover Jane and so on
Three-dimensional characters: LED word exposed, LED luminous characters, plastic characters, stainless steel words, titanium words, paint words, crystal words, bubble words, copper words, bronze, plastic light boxes and other design and installation
Decoration categories: design and installation of signs design, the company wall and the image of the wall design, professional ceiling ceiling partition, glass doors and windows production, store decoration, hydropower installation and decoration, LED lighting project, multi-purpose showroom, mobile phone stores, car sales showroom, jewelry Shops, sales offices, boutiques, wedding photo studio, office buildings, offices, banks, offices, conference rooms, training rooms, workshops, warehouses, schools, factory decoration, shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, beauty salons, chain stores, Monopoly display shops And so on, hotels, restaurants, Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, teahouse, etc.!
Welding Engineering: shelves, security net, iron doors, dining car, trolley, awning, car Peng, such as metal room
Other categories: Photographic, factory production line, Kanban, bulletin boards, licensing Department, LED display, sculpture, inkjet, photo, signs, light boxes, outdoor stickers, banners, banners, armbands, Bunting, pennants and other processing production