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Our strong technical force, with highly skilled personnel and professional service team, the first time to provide solutions for customers, customers in the course of the work encountered a variety of problems, we use the phone, home and other timely manner resolved All customers need to solve the problem, to ensure that the project can be carried out smoothly.
        The company has several high-speed laser printers, large laser color or black copiers, print fax scan one machine, large HD indoor and outdoor photo machines, inkjet machines, EPSON large format color printers, wide screen, EPSON boundless color printers, with the spray Multi-lettering machine, large A3 color printing copiers, A3 automatic plastic installed, A3 automatic cutter, A3 manual cutter, A4 manual cutter, hoops, apron binding machine, business card machine, peritoneal machine, too Plastic presses, indentation machines, beer machines, butterflies and other hardcover equipped with some of the equipment, can be done with, legislation and other desirable! Products rich in resources, and more optional, according to different needs, can choose Different equipment production.
       Since the founding of our company, we have become a designated partner of many well-known brand enterprises in Shenzhen. Our clients cover such fields as IT, real estate, energy, education, advertising, communications, finance, manufacturing, transportation, various types of factories and various types of facade shops. A large number of cooperation projects, so that we have accumulated rich knowledge and experience. Specialized in advertising design signs making and installation, graphic printing binding, indoor and outdoor decoration, the rapid response to various regions of Shenzhen emergency response quickly. To allow the master to arrive at the scene within 2-4 hours to the customer to solve the problem of the program.