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10 years deep plowing industry, experienced, perfect service, caring service, multi-category management, multi-channel profit
Venture advertising era outlet just red, the new direction of a new choice for entrepreneurial new chapter
1. Rigid needs: Any economic activities and government actions need to be advertised to consumers and the public through advertisements. The industry is permanent and sustainable.
2. Commercial promotion, brand promotion, shop decoration, policy promotion and other types of bulk advertising production costs often exceed hundreds of thousands, millions, bring rich returns.
3. Market is huge:
4. Prospects: China's advertising industry accounted for the proportion of GDP in the range of 0.8% to 0.9%, compared with the developed countries in Europe and the United States advertising spending, the size of China's advertising industry compared with the international advanced level is significantly lower, the future Great room for growth.

One-stop advertising production services: to meet the needs of various types, a hundred kinds of products all-round income: advertising industry, including design, output, production, installation, decoration, decoration and other one-stop service to reach hundreds of product categories to meet Comprehensive needs of all types of customers. For example: banner, pennants, inkjet, photo, HD outdoor stickers, plaques, LED screen, posters, signs, medals, badges, light boxes, panels, display rack, luminous characters, menus, recipes, business cards, leaflets, brochures, book binding , Print, copy, drawing output, etc.!
Standardization of advertising chain operations: a full set of program to solve the norms more advantages, cost-effective project public entrepreneurship model
1. Broad customer base: Clothing, catering, tourism, tobacco, real estate, automotive, telecommunications, banking, beauty and other industries are advertisers, demand is clear, business is stable.
2. More profitable business: One advertising campaign includes multi-angle, all-round production needs of ground, air, plane, stereo, paper, wood, metal, plastic and fabric, etc., resulting in multiple profit points.
3. Investment threshold is low: 10 square meters storefront can start a business, one person can carry out business, low investment, low risk.
Multiple advantages to help start a business more secure: the industry standard chain copy, unique advantages of professional technology, continuous research and development pioneering and innovative

Fine quality craftsmanship Seiko secret agents to pursue perfection
Full strength of the enterprise to help start-ups without fear, many years of industry experience full-time team support.
1. Shop support: to assist in site selection, co-ordination of the pre-opening preparations for the new store to provide the overall support services and support.
2. Material Support: Unified equipment and supplies to provide options, and provide the material needed to open the program and other support.
3. Advertising Support: advertising on the mainstream media, to achieve the overall brand communication effect, improve brand awareness.
4. Training Support: Provide a full range of training support, so franchisees can quickly get started, enhance market competitiveness.
5. Operational support: provide various types of planning activities and help implement the plan, supervise and resolve daily problems in the operation.

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