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Outdoor media advertising digital evolution and development trend


  First, outdoor open audience digital life scene

  The survey found that ordinary people's continuous attention decreased from 12 seconds per capita in 2000 to 8 seconds * 1 in 2013, and there is also a downward trend. This means that consumers are less attentive to individual media outlets. It's not an exaggeration to have 2016 only 4 to 5 seconds!

  People of different ages have different sources of choice, living space and entertainment, but one thing is the same - the choice of media is heavily dependent on the way of life. Young people use their cell phones as the sixth body organ, actively selecting dozens of applications. Applications such as productivity, education, entertainment, social networking, shopping, and living flocked together and seized consumers' time together (the study found an average of 5 hours * 2 per day).

  As IAB USA Interactive Advertising Agency defines, the media used for interactive advertising must include both consumers and advertisers. Online advertising is inherently a core feature of digital communications such as search, jump, rank, category, and often requires ad serving and performance through Ad server ad servers (owned by websites, advertisers, third parties). This raises the essential requirement for digitizing ads - all ads are digitized, and audience browsing and conversion performance are also monitored in real time.

  The traditional method of outdoor advertising traffic statistics traffic statistics lack of persuasion, on the screen before / through the accurate measurement of people, is through camera data, ibeacon data, NFC near field communication, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and other technological means to achieve. The above communication access, the advantage is to extend the interaction, which on the outdoor advertising interactive experience put forward higher requirements. And its disadvantage is also obvious, that is, consumers need to take the initiative to initiate a request, which provides outdoor advertising opportunities for the development of consumer interaction. In contrast, the camera data through the face recognition system, can quickly complete the basis of pre-screen data collection and processing, without the consumer request, can be regarded as a public place of a default pair.

  Many people are asking why outdoor media can break through the decline of traditional media and maintain its growth echelon in the domestic 500 billion advertising market. The secret is to digitally upgrade and transform. Audience coverage, duration (depth), and frequency of exposure are at the core of all media values. The data base of the audience in front of the screen comes from the data capture and accurate statistics on the flow of people. The first ability to digitize outdoors is "right vision." There is no doubt that outdoor advertising must be able to be seen by the audience, when we stand on the threshold of the Internet of things, outdoor screen "two-way mutual" capabilities, has become the outdoor advertising configuration digital rules.

  It is noteworthy that online advertising on the Internet and mobile Internet has been very exciting, there is no suspense to occupy the consumer's major media contact time. Outdoor advertising has opened up the audience's point of view of the scene of life digital, combined with consumer lifestyles and psychological willingness of the true value of the line. It can change the way we use the out-of-home media and even the entire media in an unprecedented way. When consumers open a weekend / holiday business center leisure process, tens of thousands of consumers 2-3 hours of visual environment and consumer movement, brought together into a commercial center of information dissemination of data value, gives us a new design and Possible to create.

  Wanda Cinema has been online drainage of consumer data and offline venues screen, theaters before the patch ads, service subscriptions follow-up promotion promotions and offers. So integrated, advertisers are targeted to target consumer demand data with culturally-tagged features and entertainment preferences, and consumer-driven business information delivery systems are crafted and run through a casual lifestyle.

  In this era, relying solely on new technologies for big data is likely to result in a waste of resources. Whether it is deep interaction, or a glimpse of information exposure, there is the value of trading, exchange and referral space. Increasingly, customers want the ability to communicate across screens. Understanding the significance of data for the outdoor industry, building and leveraging its value requires a full customer experience based on data evaluation.

  Second, outdoor big screen and intelligent terminal linkage trend is getting stronger

  The boundaries between online and offline have become increasingly blurred. Advertisers do not have to keep an eye on media choices. Instead, they focus on key audiences that match specific out-of-home media, their behavior and communication relationships. The Memory of Memory in Classic Advertising AIDMA Law is being replaced by the need for rapid demand for real-time information and the ability to respond quickly, and satisfying people's thirst for information is that outdoor advertising can truly contribute to the digital ecosystem of today Level.

  As consumers get out of their homes, they integrate into the offline surroundings, from communities to junctions, into business centers, into new entertainment or business activities, and they also have smartphones at your fingertips local. Through such social mobile terminals to keep in touch with the online community, outdoor advertising should have the ability to attract users to send unsolicitedly to enrich the content of social media platforms in a broad range of audiences, extending the dissemination of scenarios unlimited for businesses and advertisers to provide a cross Screen to reach the consumer channel.

  A few years ago, experts were still discussing the relationship between the virtual world and the real world. Today's digital consumers have expressed in action (Catalyst Time) that they built First World on the digital Internet and that all offline social relationships are carved out of online connections and social contacts. Long-term offline information dissemination - the purchase path, is being replaced by a more real-time, smart and flexible online information dissemination - purchase path. Nearly 4 trillion yuan has been realized through Internet transactions. The mobile transaction is closely linked with social communication. It not only takes up the largest part of consumers' access to the media, but also expands real-time The ability to pay, has exceeded 5% of the total retail sales ratio.

  Therefore, outdoor advertising requires more reasonable and effective interactive content, both in terms of market capacity and development trend, or outdoor behavior of consumers + smart mobile connectivity. Interaction between large outdoor screen and user intelligent terminal will inevitably be strengthened.

  Outdoor advertising not only to enhance consumer real-time information tracking and processing capabilities, but also strive to make the interactive content of the target consumer custom delivery, subscription delivery and conversion delivery. Outdoor media will be used as an information hub with the ability of offline-level activities to expand the active experience of the audience and establish a process of perceived participation for a certain period of time. The interactive duration based on the effective browsing time on, for the target audience, every time close to outdoor advertising can inspire the initiative to choose the media and interactive advertising experience, such a rich experience of nature, can promote the audience to take the initiative to take pictures, forward and share it. Will be exciting technology applications and content creation, through the way consumers create media, social entertainment to spread to the real target audience online experience space.

  The above automatic collection of operational data has become an important part of the digital strategy for outdoor advertising in the future.

  There are reasons to believe that digital outdoor advertising that complies with future trends needs to have the following characteristics:

  1) automatic data monitoring and real-time effects to optimize delivery capacity;

  2) programmatic platform docking advertisers and cross-media resources;

  3) Digitized creatives distributed online across multiple screens in real time.

  Outdoor media advertising based on the commercial value of big data how to develop? The premise is how companies quickly establish a unified outdoor measurement system and automatic monitoring, accurate detection of the data finally allow customers to clearly see and improve our precise operation after the release , Baidu outdoor institutions, are trying to make such a thing. Xiao Bian is also here to advise on the platform of the vendor If you are outdoor media industry must step up research and development of this technology to seize the media industry market share!