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Outdoor advertising "small outdoors, big responsibility"


  In modern cities, outdoor advertisements, because most of their space is public spaces, occupy the public visual space even when they belong to the private sector. Due to its strong visual communication properties (including sound, picture, volume, media material, scale, etc.), it will inevitably interfere with the public's visual interests, space interests, environmental visual interests, public psychology, etc., Of the value of public resources to carry out commercial value-added. Therefore, the corresponding should also assume some kind of social responsibility. Outdoor advertising in the city what are the related responsibilities?

  Responsibility for public visual interests

  Some experts pointed out: "In some ways, outdoor advertising media's dissemination of information properties and economic value, at the expense of the public public visual rights or built on the public public right to be publicized and economically based. In the meantime, the general public is merely a "prey" for information dissemination (although people's lives also require advertisements) without direct profit-making in the media economy and outside the interests of outdoor owners and media operators and public owners Interest media, and the economic value of the media come from the public visual value of the public, which may virtually hurt the public interest in supporting the outdoor media economy (although the public life requires a certain amount of advertising information). Therefore, more and more people in the industry are now appealing: "When setting up outdoor advertisements, we must have some responsibility to minimize the harm caused to the public interest in the development of the outdoor media to the extent that the media economy can not be established Commercial relations imposed on the public at the same time, completely ignored the public feelings .The founder should seek balance between the media business interests and the public interest, although this balance is often reflected as a visual psychological balance, which is outdoor business Trade relations outside the external public interest balance at least let the public feel their public visual rights have been respected, or the visual interests are respected, of course, the best is to delight the public's visuals, but also accurately completed the media's message Features."

  Space visual interests responsibility

  The head of an urban management agency has publicly stated: "The creation of a city space is to provide the public with a better" living space "and a reasonable and comfortable public space visual environment, including the implementation of functions such as architecture, roads, commerce and landscape And should be reasonably planned according to such principles.According to the regional division and design of the whole city, the spatial attributes of the urban environmental area separately carry the tasks of constructing the local spatial attributes in the area, such as commercial space, public space, cultural space, etc. In different attributes , The setting of the outdoor advertising media (including commercial and public welfare) will definitely affect the visual context of space. On the one hand, it divides the public's spatial visual resources, and on the other hand, it uses the value of public space to create media Economic Value". Therefore, outdoor advertising carrier scale, size, media texture, etc., and other objects in the regional space between the proportional relationship and visual impact, etc., has become the area of outdoor advertising planning issues of particular concern. Appropriate scale, suitable materials, visual intervention Moderate outdoor advertising will be functional too strong space to bring a cultural visual atmosphere for the commercial space into a sense of tension in the taste of leisure visual experience of art, to achieve the value of space for value On the contrary, the sense of space tension and oppression will be strengthened. As a result, the regional space will be dominated by a strong external interference. The public in space will also feel the feeling of hijacking, which will affect the visual psychology of the public and the pleasure of the space experience Sense, "the well-known advertising design competition judges said.

  Environmental Visual Benefits Responsibility

  Once the head of the Institute of Urban Design and Planning said: "A good urban environment depends on the building of relationships between cities, but also an overall manifestation of a city outlook, but also the fundamental reason for people to live and visit. Environmental visual quality The advantages and disadvantages can often reflect the inner ecosystem of the city from one aspect.As the general public has a hard time understanding the operational framework of the urban environmental system, we can draw our own conclusions about the characteristics of an urban environment through the experience and visual perception of urban environmental functions The cognition and judgments of individuals will affect the attitude of the individual to the city, so the common cognition of innumerable individuals will eventually form a broad sense of mass group and become the most intuitive judgment of the public on the urban image and the formation of mass public opinions. Once consensus has been reached on species group awareness, it will have a significant impact on the city's external exchange and dissemination. The environment referred to here includes the physical and cultural environment, while the outdoor advertising is more about the construction of cultural environment and the construction of urban visual art quality To reflect its own value, but the outdoor vehicle itself material and cultural material Which has a certain influence on the existence of the material environment.Therefore, outdoor advertising is both a cultural carrier and a material carrier, it has the dual nature, shouldering the heavy burden of building the urban cultural context, public art visual environment, but also bear the care of both The responsibility of the urban environment can be described as "small outdoor, big responsibility", which is determined by the visual expansion of the outdoor media.

  Outdoor advertising has an unshirkable responsibility for the construction of today's urban environment. As a result, its contribution to the environment has been greatly enhanced, while its destruction has been enormous. Insiders said: "In fact, you want to develop a good outdoor advertising is very simple truth, only to integrate themselves into the overall urban environment and use their own media traits, to contribute to the urban environment, we are happy to accept, but also to be real According to the spread of outdoor advertising value.