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LED luminous characters production methods and tips summary


  LED luminous characters is the light-emitting font made of light-emitting diodes for the light source. led can save a lot of energy for the country and the user, to save a lot of man-hours. LED application technology, to the highly competitive advertising added a new vitality. Its unique, different light situation, is widely used in the production of advertising products. Different specifications of the LED has a different angle of light and different brightness. Semiconductor high brightness light emitting diode (LED), especially nitride white light emitting diode, has the advantages of small size, low voltage, long life, fast response, no flicker, less energy consumption and less heat, and is gradually becoming a new generation of green , Energy saving, environmental protection, long-life lighting source.

  Methods and steps

  1 The desired words with copy paper on the MDF, on each side to stay 5cm, with a manual engraving machine on the appropriate straight knife, along the word out of the mold line (internal walking inside the line, the other outside). After the mold is opened, the mold is flattened with a file. And then use the file and sandpaper to the word of the yin and yang mold on each side and the angle grinding arc, must be smooth, uniform, and finally polished with sandpaper. Engraving machine can also be engraved with computer engraving machine, add enough height after the high-angle processing can be smooth.

  2 backplane production requirements, the positive and negative sides of the floor to deal with sleek, rounded to four corners to be rounded and inclined (ie narrow width under the corners) to facilitate the demoulding. Bottom of the bottom of the mold can be worn sandpaper, the angle is not too large, so that the gap can be reduced when the two backplane splicing. Calculation method of acrylic light box floor mold Acrylic light box floor mold calculation method, there are two cases, the two algorithms for the same number of pieces cut into pieces in terms of the floor.

  3 mold horizontal or vertical divided into several pieces of the algorithm is as follows: The total length minus the left side of the floor edge of the left side of the size equal to the total length of the mold to be made. Use the remaining total length of the mold to be divided by the number of equal parts divided by the number of blocks equal to the size of the mold to be made with the total width of the floor minus the size of the left side of the bottom plate is equal to the size of the mold to be made of the base plate 2 calculated by subtracting 5 Mm, is the splice of the two backplane slot loss (that is, lax mosaic loss) the final total length of the length, formed by the molding after a few pieces of acrylic backplane spliced together, on both sides of the floor to find.

  4 first have a literal carved out, literally cut out in the sheet metal on the sheet metal out, and then surrounded by the word edge, welding the word shell, in the bottom of the shell row led module !! Connect the outlet! Enclosed literally buckle to the bottom of the shell, the side of the hole drilling screws

  5 The positive connection of each string of lights with a long red wire parallel welding, negative wiring with a long black wire parallel welding. Connect the red wire to the positive of led special 5v or 12V power supply, connect the black wire to the negative of led special 5v or 12V power supply (positive and negative can not be reversed). Test aging: even connected, turn on the power. Check the treatment is not bright, then the aging test 24 to 48 hours.


  Acrylic floor and acrylic word cooling problem. According to the physical characteristics of acrylic sheet, the best cooling time is 24 hours, at least it takes 12 hours to use. Acrylic floor cooling method: After the acrylic floor removed from the platform, the bottom of the reversal of the four sides of the pad with padded, let the floor dangling Do not let the acrylic floor to the ground. Acrylic bottom of the upper part of the four sides of the upper part of the middle with heavy compaction, and then use the blow while blowing the dust gun hand gently press the surface, so that the surface of its rapid reversal of cooling set. Press for a while to use. Acrylic words cooling method: Acrylic word out from the platform, put it in a flat place, four sides with a heavy pressure on the bottom to prevent deformation.

  Acrylic sheet thickness for more size Acrylic light box floor 1, 3 thick plate is only suitable for about 1 m of acrylic light box floor. If the area is too large at 1.5 meters or more which takes into account the physical properties of the board itself bearing capacity, stretching and stretching, according to the local weather conditions, the size of the wind can choose 4-5 thick plate.